The British Betryal

The British betrayal

Lately we are hearing the publically manifestations of the good diplomatic relations, although practically not recently established as they are pretended to be, between Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Entity in Palestine. Coincidentally both were designed at the beginning of the Twentieth century, initially supported by the British and after then by the Americans.

To understand the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia we should know how this last state was created.

Exactly one hundred and two years have passed since that day. It was in 1916, the time British ad French had reached an agreement with the back grounding of the Russian support when they signed the Sykes Picot agreement during the WWO. This agreement did secretly divide the region before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. This concerned part of what is now called the Middle East includes: Bilad al Sham or Natural Syria (that includes Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and the actual Syria) and the Arabian Peninsula. The year 1917 the Zionists inside the British government, had increased their influence and complete control, as we will see in later chapters, and got the HRM government to issue the so called “Balfour Declaration” which promised the Jews a homeland in Palestine. By that time the Palestinian Arabs formed 86% of the total population and the Jews only 6%. The rest were mainly Arabs from other regions.

At the end of WWO and the defeat of the Ottoman by the British army and the valuable help of Hashemite army the Arabian Peninsula were dominated by three different authorities: in the north, the Ibn Rashid of Hail the real and historical authority which extended their domain during more than the four centuries of the Ottoman occupation; in the west, the Hashemite’s authority lead by the Ottomans’ ally in the region, Sheriff of Mecca Hussein Ibn Ali, and finally the east and central regions were subjugated by Ibn Saud the Emir of Najd on the head of his fanatical religionists the Wahhabies.

Britain as will see later on had obtained the help of the Sheriff Hussein’s revolt against the Turks and promised to reward him creating an Arabic kingdom that extends from Gaza to the Arabian Golf. This means all the land including Bilad al Sham and Iraq. After the war however Britain did not keep its promise, instead it betrayed the Sheriff and issued the Balfour Declaration. The Sheriff on his part felt very upset because of this infamy betrayal and declared he would never accept the foreigner Jews to have their Zionist entity in Palestine or allow the new random borders drawn in the Arabian lands by the imperialist British and French. On the other side, the Lieutenant Thomas Edward Laurence commonly known as Laurence of Arabia was dispatched by the British government to persuade the Sheriff, bribe him and buy his support. As well known Laurence, ssoon after the outbreak of war volunteered for the British Army and was stationed in Egypt. In 1916, he was sent to Arabia on an intelligence mission and quickly became involved with the Arab Revolt, serving, along with other British officers, as a liaison to the Arab forces. When his plans didn’t work he accorded with the Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill and permitted to threat the Sheriff. Both men agreed to unleash the ferocious Wahhabies on Al Hijaz favoring the Ibn Saud’s ambitions to throw him from the Holly Islamic sites, whom the already armed to face the Ibn Rashid who also stubbornly opposed the establishment of the Zionist entity. Anyway he managed to work closely with Emir Faisal, the Sheriff’s son, a leader of the revolt although this was more political than military officer, and participated with Laurence in and sometimes led military activities against the Ottoman armed forces, culminating in the capture of Damascus in October 1918.

In September 1921 Ibn Saud attacked Hail and Ibn Rasid didn’t resist this attack and he officially surrendered in November and was forced to leave the Peninsula and handed Hail to Ibn Saud emirate, called now as the Ibn Saud’s Sultanate of Najd. And as the British realised that the Sheriff will not decline they incited this to invade Al Hijaz and within few weeks the Wahhabies had started what the Foreign minister Lord George Curzon (Former Viceroy of India) called as the “final kick” to Sheriff Hussein. By September 1924 they took Taif the summer residence of the Hashemite, and in October Ibn Saud Mecca, the holiest site of Islam. So the Sheriff had to leave leaving his last city Jeddah to be siege since January 1925 until its surrender in December the same year ending more than 1000 years of the caliphate reign over Hijaz after the demise of the Prophet Mohammad. So the Hijad was unified to the Sultanate of Najd formerly in 1931 ad the next year was recognised by Britain an The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This clearly explains how the man who as a matter of principles opposed the establishment of the Zionist entity in Palestine was kicked off his land, meanwhile the man who favoured the Zionists was paid off handsomely and given entirely a new country to rule and exploit. And still up to this date, the countries that oppose the Zionist entity are completely destroyed one by one in opposite to Saudi Arabia which support the existence of this entity is politically compensated handsomely and defended by USA treaties and equipped with the most sophisticated military machinery.



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